SPG  Foundation is non – profit social foundation based in Pune

YOU MATTER” a drive led by SPG, has not only created a major impact across the globe, but has also managed to glorify more than 130+ transgenders. The foundation strongly believes in the glorification of each and every being, irrespective of their caste, race or gender. Where the world is focused towards equality of men and women, SPG is focusing towards equality of every being. Foundation strongly believes that every human must be entitled to equal rights and respect. ‘YOU MATTER’, ‘HELP THE LABOURS’, ‘THE WARRIORS’ are only a few of the many drives led by SPG foundation.

The latest initiative undertaken by SPG is the “PLASMA DRIVE”. A major part of the foundation is currently focused on deriving plasma from the covid cured individuals. That’s where SPG steps-in, to make sure that the needy patients get their desired plasma. SPG strongly believes in the fact that “WE CAN’T HELP EVERYONE, BUT EVERYONE CAN HELP SOMEONE.” Starting from donation of 150 food kits, SPG has already impacted 1000’s of lives. Growing steadily, SPG aims to be the best-in class social consultants, where they can rightly connect the donors and the needy.

It’s time we formalise social service and #BETHECHANGE

Founder – Vipul Gundesha

SPG Foundation is named after founder’s mother and father Suverna and Prakash Gundesha. Mrs. Suverna had devoted her life in service of others and was one of the renowned social workers of her generation. Inspired from his mother, Vipul is not only taking the legacy forward, but has also managed to create a great impact on many lives in no time. With the aim to formalise social service, Vipul is on a mission to take SPG on a global stage, so as to impact maximum lives in fair and formal means.